The biggest change to the space came in a whirlwind of activity over the course of the next 3 days. First the plaster board hangers showed up. They were efficient, quick and noisy. Matt reported a lot of banging but the best part is that they were finished in one day. Here the long runs proved to speed up the process. The long runs also accentuate any misalignment and crooks in the lines/corners. We expect to see some jigs and jogs in the corners since we are using the old rafters for supports.

20140429 Plaster board-2

Plaster Board and Plaster delivered.

20140429 Plaster board-2-3

Board hung

20140429 Plaster board-2-4

Dormer Alcove

20140429 Plaster board-2-5

The view from Matt’s office end of the Attic.

On the second day the plasterers descended.  This so far has been the most rowdy group of sub contractors. At one point we think that there were about 8 men working in the attic. They came with their stilts and trowels and showed us why the floor had been lined with black paper. When they were done it looked like a tornado of plaster had rolled through the attic space and placed plaster everywhere including the floor. But with the previous Tron themed black paper, the clean up was made easier.

20140511 Plaster board-2-3

Rich in texture

We chose a simple pattern with a knocked down texture. It helps to hid imperfections. These guys were like artists and really put down a beautiful job. The way it all came together was exciting to see. They were able to patch the few areas downstairs that had been damaged and blend them into the old. Once we scuff the new patches a bit and give it several coats of primer then paint there is a chance that it may blend.

The smell is an oddly organic one. For several days the plaster drys out. It slowly migrates from a dark greenish taupe to white. It is pretty interesting to see the light pick up the different patterns and have the space start coming to life.

20140511 Plaster board-2

Zoe now loves the stairs and understands Upstairs and Downstairs.

20140511 Plaster board-2-5

Matt and Zoe both in the doghouse storage.

20140511 Plaster board-2-2
20140511 Plaster board-2-4