Now that the attic has been foamed the HVAC crew came back for their installation. They ran duct work and placed the equipment. The original plan was to connect radiators as the attic was already plumbed for them. Also, to install AC for the attic and have vents cut to the first floor.

We really had a hard time letting go of the radiators in the space. We absolutely love the way they heat the house in the winter. We were not immediately convinced that replacing those with a heat pump would be a good idea. So our compromise is this, we had the plumbers cut back the stub ups for the radiator lines to just below the surface of the floor and cap them. This way if we end up really hating the heat pump we can go back.  The cost of adding a heat pump onto the Air Conditioning system was minimal in the grand scheme, about $400 additional.  It help us keep our costs down. So I guess you can say our radiators were Valued Engineered out by us.  This means we also end up with a redundant heating system on the first floor.  Not a particularly bad thing.

20140427 hvac plaster prep-2-3

Duct runs and electrical lines run overhead.

Running the duct work requires threading a series of silver round flexible ducts through the openings, reaching all the rooms both upstairs and downstairs. Since we located the Mechanical closet in the middle of the space in theory the duct runs would be even in their distribution. Their was only one snag that required a last-minute bench to cover the duct to get to the downstairs bathroom.

The electric was all run before the foam took place. It really made no difference to them.  HVAC however ran their ducts after the foam insulation was complete. The foam would have contaminated the duct lines and gotten inside unless they had been completely sealed.  And even with the seals in place too many things could have happened that would have been out of their control. It was best to wait until after the foaming process was over.

Ducting to the bathroom downstairs creates the opportunity for Zoe's future bench/perch.

Ducting to the bathroom downstairs creates the opportunity for Zoe’s future bench/perch.

20140427 hvac plaster prep-2-4

Another item of note is the black paper on the floor. No we aren’t decorating with a Tron theme in mind. This was done to prepare for the plaster. The plaster board hangers come tomorrow and this is one of the last looks at the space all opened up. We know that after tomorrow it will take its final shape and really start being the space.

20140427 hvac plaster prep-2-6

20140427 hvac plaster prep-2-5 And just in case you missed the news from Zoe’s world, she has now mastered the stairs. The scary riser-less stairs with the temporary treads have been conquered. In both directions, up and down. Keeping a dog safe in a construction zone is a full-time job.  She doesn’t go up there unless we are with her and only on limited visits.