Framing – Raising the Ceiling and Leveling the Floor

Work to raise the collar ties went by fast. As expected, it made a huge difference in the configuration of the space. Instead of a long skinny space the proportions are closer to normal. It won’t feel so much like an attic but instead like a second floor. This was one of the benefits of having a professional in charge of the job. They could see what we hadn’t and realize the full potential of the space.


String lines help to keep the collars ties level and true in their new position.


Collar ties moving up.


The subfloor also went down about this time. You can still see the original slats that currently make up the attic floor. The original floor is uneven with dips and humps throughout. When the subfloor is laid down the Cornerstone team takes this opportunity to level out the floor, in some cases adding up to an inch of underlayment. Installing the subflooring was certainly not for the faint of heart. It required a good bit of brute force. It was a loud and somewhat destructive process. A couple of chunks of plaster came down on the first floor ceiling as a result. Not unexpected but still surprising. When it is complete it is solid and sturdy. Feels good to walk around up there. This will help with the noise level on the First Floor also. It was a concern as Matt’s new office space will be directly over the bedrooms.


The subfloor and leveling begins at the mechanical closet.


Collar Ties raised, flooring complete and framing mostly done.


Zoe still not coming up those scary stairs.