Utilizing Hidden Space

Matt wanted to reclaimed the small area over the living room that originally was lost to the structure. It was not on our original radar when we layed out the space on paper but after peering into the darkness through the rafters it makes sense.

At first we thought that we might be getting bonus space out of it. But once the knee walls when in and we could physically see what we had, we realized it was no more than a large closet. We will utilize this space for storage. It will eventually hold our extensive DVD and CD collection. On a bad day it may double as the proverbial doghouse for Matt.


This wasn’t a simple process since there was structure blocking the entry. The knee wall was cut open and beams were put in place. We ended up with a low room but it works for both of us. The 6′-2″ electrician was a bit unamused.

Another great idea from the Cornerstone team was to hold the back wall off enough to get utilities behind it. That saved us from cutting more craziness in the ceilings. We barely notice the difference in lost space.



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