Butt Crack Union

Some of you may think that showing this picture is mean. But no, it’s not mean. This girl asked for it. She went out in public like this. Ya, b***h, that’s really cool. It would be easy to wind this into a “kids are so stupid” kind of thing, but the truth is that there were even more opportunities to catch adults doing dumb things. This girl just happened to sit down next to me right when I needed some comic relief. Today I’m not going to discriminate. I’ll make fun of everything today.

Usually at this time of year I’m boarding a plane, and it seems to be becoming a tradition for some thing to go wrong, like 18″ of snow in Virginia, or a bank of fog surrounds just the airport, or who knows what. This year I thought I had it all outsmarted, taking the train. But no. It still snows, and Mother Nature is maybe a little spiteful, since I outfoxed her this year. Or so I thought. The snow falls, and flights are delayed, and everybody tries to get home on the train, and of course that delays my train. So Mother Nature wins again, although not by the incredible margin she got me by last year (big snow storms on both ends of my trip, delaying departure from home and arrival home).

So because of the bad weather, and the 2 hour delay of my train, there was a crowd in the waiting area. There were about 200% too few seats. I only got to sit for about 15 minutes of the 3 hours I was there. Was I regretting not paying the extra cash for the sleeper car, which also comes with a very nice waiting area upgrade? Youbetcha. But then again I would have passed up the opportunity for gathering material.

Anyway, so there was a crowd. And I was sitting on the floor next to butt-crack betty, who was so cool by the way, which I only knew having read her shirt. And how do they have the waiting room set up? Right next to this sea of humanity, maybe 1000 people in a big waiting area that is nonetheless 1/3 the size it needed to be: A couple of union workers sitting in a huge (and empty, and roped off) waiting area full of chairs. These areas are literally right next to one another. Now putting travelers in those chairs wouldn’t have completely solved the problem of all the people without chairs, but it would have given 100 people chairs who had been sitting on the floor. And it would have given 200 people room to sit on the floor who had been standing. Go union.

It’s easy to see that someone is really in charge here at Chicago’s Union Station, because upstairs in the food court there was a big lack of tables, but I saw at least 3 areas stacked with tables with the sign “Area Closed”. Same guy running the show upstairs as down, it seems.


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