Wooly Worm update for 2010

Since out of all the posts that Matt and I have posted on this blog the wooly worm post gets the most hits, I am compelled to give the 2010 update. Matt ran across a wooly worm last week in the road – not literally.  He was walking Zoe on their route around the block.

He was unable to give me more than direction and that it did exist.   So for the last week I have been keeping an eye out for the weather predictor.    Yesterday, we saw three!  All three had the similar marking so here goes my reading of the 2010 wooly worm….

This guy is heading to the right in the picture.  So his head definitely has more black than the tail.  Meaning we should expect a harsher winter in the beginning and a brief harshness at the end of winter.

The wooly worm that Matt saw earlier in the road was heading in a northerly direction indicating that it would not be a very harsh winter.

Also a matter of note, for natural insect predictors…. this past summer while we were building the fence we ran into a hornet’s nest.  Literally!  After the shouting (and stinging) was over, I did notice that it was rather close to the ground.  Meaning, we won’t get much snow (if any) this year.

So since Matt pulled up the last of the tomatoes just yesterday, summer is hanging on but it won’t be long.   We are enjoying these last days while we can. A cold snowless winter is approaching fast (by snowless I mean no deep snows like last year but perhaps ice), with a mild middle winter and then a brief blast at the end.  At least that is what the wooly worm said.