Trip to Anaheim

I’m on my way back from a work trip to Anaheim. There was a lot of blogging going on with my work blog, and I’m kind of tired of that now, so now I’m gonna blog here. I didn’t use many pictures on the work blog, so I’ll put the pix here. Since I’m not much of a photog, expect a lot of that expressive blur effect…

I hate flying. I’m like the bad news bears flying. My flight leaving Roanoke was delayed a day because of snow. I had called the travel agency people, and they wouldn’t reschedule me earlier to miss the snow, so I had to wait for the flights to be cancelled. I missed all the best stuff I wanted to do on Saturday and Sunday. So I tried to give up my seat to get a free ticket or something, but they wouldn’t do it.

They routed me through Detroit. Roanoke to Detroit to Minneapolis. From the frying pan into the fire… but somehow the northern cities didn’t have any problem with snow. Anyway, there is a cool fountain in the Detroit airport.

Each individual jet would shoot separately and it looked like rigid arcs of bent metal flying through the air. Kind of cool.

When I arrived in Anaheim, I had some sort of foreign shuttle driver (surprise), who must have recently taken a citizenship class. He dropped us off if we answered questions correctly, like who was the first president actually born in the USA, what are the state capitals that start with B, which state capital doesn’t have any of the letters of the state in it, which US first lady was not married. If only he had asked something reasonable, like what is the airspeed of an african swallow carrying a 1 pound coconut by the husk.

Never did catch his name, just be wary of blue Super Shuttles in Anaheim driven by middle eastern fellows. Maybe he is overcompensating a little, but he definitely showed that he knew American civics better than all of those of us who were born here.

While I was there, I stayed on the 14th floor, overlooking so much asphalt and concrete and reddish brown smog…

I even had a great view of the pool…

At the conference, we were in the arena, which easily seated the 5000+ SolidWorks users.

The arena looked nice from the outside at night too…

Inside, at parties, we ate meat, rrrripe off the bone in the words of Gimli the Dwarf!

We did other manly things like jumping remote controlled trucks over ramps…

And check out the SolidWorks electric hot rod…

and other manly cars…

Even Brian, with his “Mac Daddy” title on his badge showed up.

After the conference a group of us went to a Ducks vs Detroit hockey game.

The stadium was big, and there was a good crowd in there. We were on the next to the last row of seats…

They even let me fly the remote controlled sheep and drop stuff o. Ok, I didn’t really fly it. I just made ppppppbbbbbbtttt sounds as it went over…

Now on the other end of the trip, another snow storm, and I’m stuck in Atlanta after an overnight flight from Salt Lake City.

While there


One thought on “Trip to Anaheim

  1. Better take a photo class, Matthew. Your daughter takes awesome pictures!..I think I even take better than these. Yep – oursnow is dripping right now…We have maybe an inch..roflol.

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