It is rare to find a contractor that doesn’t have negative associations.  Our flooring guy, Tom Tran is one such contractor.  I think he has done work in most every house in Roanoke, at least according to him.  He is a pleasant person to deal with even through his heavy accent.   He quickly responded to our request for a quote and came over on a Friday.  He walked around, and on the spot gave us a quote that was within a $100 of our budget.  It was a deal and we were anxious to get the process moving.  His crew began work on the following Friday and were done by Monday.  He promised the job would be done in 5 – 6 days and delievered it in 4.   They sanded the floors and quarter round.  Stained back to match the original color.  Lastly topped the floors with 3 coats of matte finish polyurethane.

This process is not for the weak of nose.  It is a dirty, smelly job.  I am glad that it is over and the floor, I am happy to report, looks stunning!


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