So we have our budget in hand, made our list of wants and try desperately to whittle them down to needs.  The three major renovation items we come up with are refinishing floors, electrical upgrade, and windows.  These items all made the #1 priority ranking for various reasons.  Of course the entire place needs a fresh coat of paint and this is one thing Matt and I feel confident that we can do ourselves.  It is alot of work but we have enlisted Mom and Fish to help us along a bit.

The first thing is to get the wallpaper off the dining room walls.  First a little tear, OK not so bad.  Within minutes we had the vinyl top coat off and on the floor.  We tried several solutions to strip the backing but found that since there was plaster under the paper and not typical modern dry wall, the best strategy was to just get it really really wet and wait about 15 minutes and then scrape. We tried fabric softener and water mixture.  It was just OK and really made the place smell great but didn’t see much difference over plain water.  The picture to the right does not have enough water on it.  As with everything in life after the third (or so) attempt it gets easier.  This was the beginning.  We quickly learned that wetter was better and so much easier.

After the first scrape, we discovered the second layer of wallpaper.  It was a great vintage floral design that has come back into style.  The second layer made the job a little tougher but eventually with everyone’s help we got through all the layers and were ready for the paint.

I was thinking about the day that the wallpapers went up.  How lovely they must have looked.  I hope our version of the same space turns out as nice as it was back in the first days of the wallpaper.


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