Selling out of Staunton

This was my house in Staunton. It was a two story bachelor pad with a basement and an attached room that I used as an office. It had a very steep driveway, so coming home in the snow was fun. It had a steep front yard so mowing was fun. It had a giant pine tree that rained down pine cones on me like it was possessed. I never really decorated, and only bought decent furniture when my grandmother came to visit.

Below is a picture of me and my grandmother and aunt and cousin on a typical family outing.

It is often fun to dress alike so if we get separated in a crowd, people know we belong together.

Anyway, Staunton was a great town. The big industry is a mental hospital. It is primarily known for the Statler Brothers and as the home of Woodrow Wilson. It has a girl’s college, Mary Baldwin. I lived there for 6 years, and really loved the house, the area and the city of Staunton. But I met Kim and had to move to Roanoke.

In order for the move to happen, the first step that had to be completed was for me to sell my house. I put it on the house on the market in March in a very down housing market, and the deal finally closed in December. That’s a long time. My real estate agent looked like Jennifer Aniston, and it still took a long time to sell the house. I only ever got a single offer on the house, and it took a long time to close the deal.

The people who bought it used an FHA loan, which these days take forever to approve. They check every little detail about the house, and want every thing done by a “licensed and insured professional”. If there is any way you can avoid the FHA, and you are buying a house, avoid them. The deal was supposed to close on Nov 16, but didn’t wind up closing until Dec 28. I guess I was lucky to get a banker off their rump between Christmas and New Years. Anyway, when trying to schedule the closing, I refused to get excited about anything until I had a firm time and date in hand. My furniture remained in the house until I was sure that I wasn’t going to be moving back there at some point. So of course, Staunton got a 10 year record snow fall of 28″ before the closing, when I would be moving my stuff. Remember that steep driveway? when it thaws and refreezes, it becomes ice.

Now Kim is terrified of vehicles that don’t go straight, and on my icy driveway, nothing will go straight, it all tends to slide. We dug out as much snow as we could, but the refreezing was the thing that got us in the end. So I let her direct traffic while I slid the Subaru down the drive. Neither of us was injured, but it was fun anyway. Getting up the drive was fun too. I just backed across the street, got a running start, and floored it. Remember sledding on those round saucers when you were a kid? Absolutely no control. That was very much how it felt even in the all-wheel drive Subaru. This kind of driving is fun for me, being from the great white north, but Kim is terrified of anything not absolutely bolted to the ground. Words cannot describe what that little bit of driving did to her, even though she was not in the car, and couldn’t even see it through the tears.

Here I am towing my boat with my canoe on top of the Subaru headed south to Roanoke.

Now all this time, we didn’t really have a place to move to. Kim’s house is about half the size of mine, and I have too much junk for one person. But finally at the end of October, we happened across this house in a very nice neighborhood with all of these strange coincidences that we described in the last two blog posts. So it was kind of shaping up that we would be moving into this new place. However, the new deal was contingent on the Staunton house selling, which was by no means certain. So we would not be able to move stuff from Staunton directly to the new house. Tiny details, so much back pain.

So eventually we got all of my stuff out of my old Staunton house, and instead of moving it into a storage unit, we had a storage unit delivered to us.

They delivered this big box right to Kim’s driveway. This has a garage type door on one end, and was lifted by this gantry-like device that rode on the back of a flat-bed truck. We unloaded stuff from a rental truck into the PODS, and then we continued to fill up the PODS with stuff from Kim’s house. Next, the PODS will be delivered to the new house, where we will unload all of Kim’s stuff and my stuff into the same house.

What an ordeal. Of course its not done yet. There is a lot of work left to be done in this move, including heavy and light renovation, cleanup and a lot of painting. Kim is taking the next part of the story, starting to work on the new house.


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