Much to Matt’s skepticism, I do believe in signs.  Chalk it up to growing up in the south with county folk for parents and grandparents.  I really had no choice.  Leaves turn up in the wind, it means rains on the way.  Sky turns green, watch out a tornado is coming.  And let’s not forget my favorite of all time, the infamous wooly worm.  So when it came to the signs connected to the new house they were all over and screaming way out loud.  We first learned about the house due to an estate sale.  At that sale, there was a Georgia Tech (go Jackets!) annual, turns out it belonged to a distant relative to the owner and they were not really sure how it got there.  I believe it found it way to the house just to help me.  Then there was the sign on the lamp post that Matt described previously, that bore the name of his grandfather as well as the previous owner.  The street name also being connected to his grandfather.

Most curious to me was the owl.  It appeared at the very moment I phone the previous owner on Halloween to begin the whole process.  I must have sounded like a dits on the phone as I was stunned by the event.  I had always heard that an owl sighting during the day was bad luck.  But after some quick internet research it seems just the opposite.  Owls can be wonderful symbols.  For us it helped to mark the beginning of a crazy two month roller coaster ride to a new home.


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