Well, we have finally done it. I sold my house in Staunton, and Kim and I bought a house in Roanoke. Phone and email remain the same. The house was formerly owned by the folks who built it in 1949, named Robert Woods. I had a great uncle named Robert Woods. He and my grandfather lived near the town of Clearfield, Pennsylvania. A lot of strange coincidences with this house. Kim also cites seeing an owl in the middle of the day when we first spoke with the owner as a preternatural sign… but I don’t exactly go for that sort of superstition.

This place is in a quiet little neighborhood near Virginia Western Community College, convenient to a lot of stuff, but still a bit secluded and peaceful. It has a giant magnolia tree in the front yard, along with a couple of big pines and an oak. It is a bit of a fixer-upper, with mostly original 1949 decor. Arriving here has been a bit of an adventure, and in future blog posts, Kim and I will detail the journey, from selling the old batchelor pad in Staunton to the progress of renovations.

We are excited about the new place. It has enough room to have guests and to spread out and enjoy our hobbies, especially our newest hobby, do-it-yourself renovations. I’m sure we’re gonna have some parties and get-togethers. Some of the work has started, such as removing wall paper and scheduling contractors for refinishing floors and electrical upgrades. Come back to this blog to follow the progress.


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