NY Autumn

It is definitely autumn here in upstate NY.  As we progressed northward the color became more vibrant and more dramatic.  Yesterday we made the trip to Lake Placid.  It was a beautiful place in the world.  After a short walk with Zoe, Matt and I took off down the main street.lp - kim at lake  We found a cozy public garden beside the public library.  It was a wonderful place to sit for a moment and take in the beautiful fall scenery.  In this place the wildlife was abundant, ducks, squirrels and chipmunks ventured by looking for handouts.  They seemed pretty familiar with the process despite the sign forbidding the practice.

We drove past the impressive ski jumps.  100_8129Getting a sense of their scale.  And then on to the bobsled area.  The one thing that really stuck with me is the smallness of the area when it is part of the world stage.  I cannot imagine how the Olympic crowds negotiated through the area.  Matt says that his family just left town.  After being part of the Atlanta Olympic crowd, I can appreciate how much space it takes to host the events.

After the Olympic flashback, jay - bridge2we went on a few different roads up through Keene, Wilmington and Jay.  In Jay, NY,  there was a gorgeous reconstructed covered bridge.  It was reconstructed in 2006 and turned into a pedestrian bridge.  Very nice attraction for the town.  It is the last bridge of this type structure, Howell truss, in the Adirondacks.  jay - inside bridge pano

After our drive through the mountains, we drove back to Saranac Lake for a very nice dinner with Matt’s parents at Nonna-Fina.  Great food.


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