Zoe update….

zoe18I thought I would take a moment from out behind the camera for a Zoe update……

Zoe is very quickly turning into a great dog.  She seems to grow daily from the time I leave in the mornings to when I return in the evenings.  Matt thinks I am a little crazy but I know I can see a difference.  Her head is getting bigger (in a good way), her legs much longer and her belly is definitely getting bigger.  She is growing into her big ears.

zoe14She is still afraid of most everything, dog brush, running water, other dogs, some people, loud cars, sunroof ….. but at least tolerating visits to Max and almost glad to see him.  At least until he tries to play with her and she realizes just how big he is.

We are all beginning to settle into a schedule which for dog is good, but for Matt is painful.  I have the morning shift.  Up at 6am. Out, food, play hard and out again.  Check to see if Matt is awake then play some more.  It is an odd time of the year as daylight is getting later and later.  Zoe doesn’t seem to mind so everything else will just work itself out.

Once all the morning activities are over and I am off to work she turns into Matt’s dog.  She is a lucky girl to have two of us to dote over her.  As Matt’s dog I can only imagine what her day is like from what I observe on the weekends.  Mostly sleeping, with a few intermittent bouts of play is my guess.  Matt wants her so very much to catch a Frisbee.  I am confident that one day she will.  I think he is a little disappointed that she didn’t come programmed for that talent.


So I think the routine of sleep, play, eat, poop, sleep, play….. continues throughout the day.  When I get home around 6pm it is usually the end of some big nap.  Evenings are a grab bag but always lots of fun.  I think Matt is happy to have the reinforcement by the time I get home.  But once my bedtime rolls around he is on duty for the night shift.  The two of them fearlessly venture into the dark yard to patrol and get whatever needs to be done, done.

As her socialization continues, we have ventured off to the Highland Park – Dog Park.  I am very pleased at how it is used by so many and know that it has helped many Roanoke dogs.  Our little Zoe is no different; she so needs this social interaction.  Each time she is a little more confident and hopefully with regular visits and good experiences she will blossom.

james riverThis holiday weekend we started off with a quick trip to Staunton.  On our way home we decided to take the Blue Ridge Parkway instead of our usual slog down I-81.  Waynesboro to Roanoke took a bit longer than anticipated at 45 miles an hour.  It was a long but relaxing ride.  I had forgotten just how beautiful that part of the Parkway was.  It was a glorious day to see it all again.  The air was warm but clean and the sunshine was bright.  Depending on our elevation the temperature ranged from 72 – 84 degrees.   For a late summer day in September the air was surprisingly not too hazy. Our weather this summer has been exceptional.

Matt and Zoe1Our little traveler was a bit reluctant but after a few rest stops walks, her very own doggie picnic and a big nap on Matt’s lap she seemed to not mind it too much.  As time passes, she will understand that travel is a fun and exciting part of life. Now if I can just get Matt out of the back seat, we will be in business.