zoe06Zoe is the newest addition to our household. We have had her now for 2 weeks. She was a pound puppy, half miniature schnauzer and half ??? maybe german shepherd. Which brings up the question of how big she’s gonna get. We’re not sure. She still has big paws, and she’s got the bouncing gait of a large and lanky dog, not of the squat schnauzer. She’s only 20 lbs now. I can see her possibly doubling that, but probably not any more than 35 lbs.

She is having many new experiences every day. When I first picked her up, we had to climb some stairs, but she had never seen stairs, so that was new. When I got her home, she saw her own reflection in the window and barked at that for a while. Kim’s mom’s huge dog Max was so terrifying to Zoe at first that she just peed right where she stood.

She prefers people over dogs, and is very sweet to everyone. Maybe a little unsure about kids at this point. Several people have commented on how docile she is for a pup. She learns very quickly, recognizing her name, and following sit, down, fetch, no and come pretty consistently. Potty training is going very well for her age, which is about 20 weeks.

zoe10She loves to play fetch, and has a few favorite toys, like her rubber chew bone. Those things are great. I’ve given them to friends dogs, and even the most destructive dogs love this thing.

Zoe is a frisbee champ in the making. We’re still working on catch, but she loves to chase and retrieve the ball and the frisbee. We got her a soft cloth frisbee, and she just loves it.

Today was the first day at the dog park, and Zoe just terrorized the small dogs. Well, not really terrorized. She was big and tough and barked at all the dogs through the fence, but when we took her inside, she tried to make friends.

Kim wasn’t ready for the big dog area with the huge doberman. I think Zoe would have dealt with it, but Kim will have to work up to that. That thing was huge and beautiful, and ran with such ease and grace. But at the same time it was a little scary looking. It was bigger (taller) than a full grown lab.

zoe05I think Zoe is going to be largely an indoor dog. She likes running around and games in big outdoor spaces, but she also likes to lounge around inside, and is always happy to go back in when the business outside is done.

I work from home, so I take care of her most of the time. She has been rearranging my schedule, so that I get up earlier and go to be a lot earlier too. We are trying out putting her in a crate at night, and so far she doesn’t seem to mind it. She was living in a crate at the kennel, but I think she recognizes that her situation is much better now than previously.

Every morning she goes through a wild dog stage, just after going outside for the first time. She just runs like crazy through the house, generally squeeking a little toy for about 10 minutes. She can’t jump up on my bed yet, but she can reach my elbow to announce with her cold wet nose that she is up and available for fun. She is very playful until about 9:30 am, when she starts a nap that goes until noon.

She rides in the car very well. I have a Subaru wagon, and she rides in the back and either takes in the sights or takes a nap. Riding in the 350Z convertible is a different story. She isn’t keen on any kind of machinery, but something where the roof moves and goes away is just too much for her to handle. She crawls down on the floor and stays there.

Anyway, Zoe is a great dog, and a lot of fun to have around the house. I’m reading Tamar Geller‘s book on training. Her website seems a bit clownish, but her books are a bit less silly, and relates some really tragic parts of how her own story affects how she sees things through the dog’s eyes.

All the pictures here are from Kim, who with her new birthday camera is really having a great time.


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