Last Day at Disney (Friday)

As our week long Disney trip drew to its close, we were both glad to have had the experience and also glad to be done.  For me it was wonderful to remember how to be a kid again.  I never thought I would have so much fun.  By the end of the week I was singing and dancing through my days.

kim-and-matt-at-castleFriday was our Magic Kingdom day.  Both Matt and I had been there when we were young children so this was a revisit to childhood.  It was great.  We opted to go in a little later because we wanted to stay in the park to see the fireworks.

Main Street was in its usual busy state.  After a stop to admire the iconic castle it was off to tomorrowland for a space mountain fast pass.  When I was a kid I chickened out of riding space mountain.  Not this time – I was determined to see this through.  We had a bunch of time to kill before our 2:30 time so we went to see Laugh Floor.  That was a well done comedic interactive show featuring the Monstesmall-worldrs Inc characters.

Since we had more time to kill we thought it would be a good idea to revisit It’s A Small World.  While I know this is a staple of Disney, I think it is time to revamp the ride.  It was slow, crowded and somewhat annoying.  Not as great as I remember or maybe it is just the other stuff is better.  At least we passed the time to the fast pass time.

So back to Space Mountain, we bspace-mtreezed past the long lines of standby riders.  The beginning of the ride is way back in the building.  Glimpses of the glow in the dark coaster cars only give us a guess at the ride.  The cars are single seat three in a car and two cars hooked together.

It was a good ride, but this one too has been surpassed by newer coasters throughout the other parks.  It was hurky jerky and reminded me of the old Mouse Trap ride at Lakeside Amusement Park back in the late 70’s.  I am glad that I can now add it to my list of conquered coasters.

kim-on-trainWe utilized the WDW railroad to move us to the other side of the park.  What a great civilized way to get across the Magic Kingdom.  It is so much nicer than fighting the masses.  It was relaxing and tranquil.

Once in fronterland, we grabbed a fast pass for Briar Patch – Log Fume Ride.  Then from there we enjoyed the Country Bear Jamboree, Liberty Belle Paddle Boat, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a few other things along the way.  Oh yes, another overpriced and uninspired meal. 

Then to the Briar Patch and Splash Mountain, a briar-patchsurprisingly fun ride.  Cartoonish but very well done.  I still maintain, it doesn’t matter much what the theme is but just work within the theme.  This ride is executed very well.  A few surprise drops and very wet right off the bat.  We were both drenched.  And then came the really big drop, the 5 story one.  whoo wee!  That was fun.  All set within the Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear – song of the south story.  Nicely done.  This was a great surprise.

As we exited the ride we realized that it was sunset and we were wet.  yuck but hey we were at Disney so who cares.  We wondered around a bit and found a great spot for the fireworks show Wishes.  I had seen the show earlier in the week and was blown away.   I was anxious to see how Matt reacted.  He was just as amazed as I was and for me the second time was just as good.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this extremely well choreographed show.  The words and songs are moving and reminded me about hope and wishes.  The fireworks complimented the theme perfectly.  Now I am only going to expect more from the next fireworks show I see.

After Wishes, instead of joining the mass of crowds to leave the park we snuck in a few more rides.  Glad we didn’t miss the Buzz Light Year ride – shootn’ up the evil zorg.  Another surprise ride with a fun interactive twist. 

My advice, soak up as much as you can and enjoy laughing and being a kid again.  We did!wishes2


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