Disney – Matt’s Epcot Day (Thursday)

As Matt and I are making our way home, I want to bring you up to speed on our final days at Disney.  On Thursday Matt was able to finally join in on the fun.  We went to Epcot for the day and I don’t think he was disappointed.  First we headed over to Soarin to grab our fast pass.  Since we had a little time to kill, we headed for a few other rides and shows, one was the Disney’s Lion King themed The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable.  It seems completely hypocritical to me that Disney would tell a story so blatantly similar to their own story of real estate development and then call it bad.  No one has dumped more concrete and asphalt into the Florida swamp than Disney.  Now really! 

OK off my soapbox.  That is a post for a different time and blog. We made it back to Soarin’ – what a fun ride this is.  It is gentle and yet extremely exhilarating.  The hanging chairs tilt and move in coordination with the super sized screen.  This time I tried to notice the smells – the pine forest and the orange groves.  This is a great ride for the meek as it really doesn’t go aseasonsnywhere.  It feels like you do but you are only lifted off the floor a few feet and put back exactly where you start.  Everyone talks about this ride.  Grab your fast pass early in the day as this one really fills up. 

One side note, the restaurant adjacent to Soarin’ on the first level is called Seasons.  This is surprisingly one of my favorite walk up counter service restaurants in the park.  I had a chicken Caesar salad twice there and both times it was outstanding.  I think I like it because it has several stations for different types of foods and the lines are somewhat short.

After the Land Pavilion we went over to the Seas Building.  Rode the clam shell, cute kids ride and walked through the aquarium.  Then we went to the interactive show with Crush.  That was fun.  I recommend that one.  We couldn’t stop saying DUUUUDE all day.

Then it was across Epcot to Mission Space and Test Track.  I had been on both of these earlier in the week and knew Matt was going to enjoy them.  Grabbed the fast pass for mission space and then went over to Test Track.  I still think the single rider line is the way to go on this one.  If you aren’t set on sitting in the same row or car even as your companion, give it a try.  You will be on the ride in no time at all.  Matt wished the ride had lasted longer – it was a fun one.

ms-beforeMission Space time rolled around pretty quickly and off we went.  I rode this one a few days prior and did the green mission, the less intense one.  So for this one Matt agreed that we should go for it and do the orange one.  WOW – there is a big difference.  There is a centrifuge creating the g force pressures.  That blast off is wild!  I couldn’t lift my legs and the pressure on my chest was intense.  I think my head is still swimmy from it.  Then it was into deep sleep and then the landing on Mars.  Quite the adventure, even if the ride does leave you stranded on Mars!  Everyone on the team did an excellent job and we made it to our landing AOK, at least Ims-after thought so anyway.  After the ride was over I noticed Matt wasn’t doing too well.  He was sweaty and about to lose it.  I am happy to report that he maintained himself and all projectiles, but he was struggling for quite a while.  We sipped a soda and had a nice sit in the shade while he recovered.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  I was fine, ready for the next thrill.  Bring it on.

So for something on the milder side we ventured into the International Showcase.  Mexico, Norway, China, Italy, Morocco, Japan, and France, it was all fun.  Matt is great to travel with cause he gets me to do the things I would normally by pass.  China was a treat – beautiful gardens, 360 degree theater of the county’s beautiful scenery, and in-chinainteresting museum type displays.  Thanks to the two very nice people that were generous enough to snap these pictures of us – here and at Mission Space.  It is nice to have some shots of both of us that aren’t at arm’s length.  Kindness of strangers strikes again.

After all the countries Matt finally understood why I was so exhausted every afternoon and we headed back to the room to rest a bit and freshen up for dinner.  He fell asleep on the boat ride to the Dolphin.

After a brief rest, we went over to the boardwalk for dinner.  It was OK but like most everything in Disney waaay overpriced for the meal.  I was floored by the food prices throughout the parks and at the hotel. 

Then it was back into Epcot for one last ride – the Spaceship Earth.  The iconic Buckminster Fuller’s sphere housrs this revamped ride.  It is a great journey through time.  We walked right in with no wait just before the fireworks show at 9pm.

On the way back to the lake for the show, I tried to stop at a bathroom.  for only the second time during Disney, I couldn’t find a bathroom.  When I did find it the line was so long and only two stalls – seriously.  This is the bathroom between ohCanada and the end of the bridge to the spaceship earth sphere.  Try to avoid this one – most other facilities are completely adequate.

The fireworks show was OK; however, I strongly recommend Magic Kingdom’s Wishes more though.  I think I had been spoiled by the latter one. 

We really enjoyed the boat ride home.  Those are a nice gentle way of getting back to the hotel.  Walking would have been quicker but at that time of the night after a full day, it was just nice to sit and get dropped off.



2 thoughts on “Disney – Matt’s Epcot Day (Thursday)

  1. Disneyland is interesting place to spend your holidays…… I’m from India…I am really so excited to visit here….

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