Disney Day 4 (Wednesday)

Getting caught up on the past days….

Wednesday was Matt’s last day of the conference.  It closed around 3pm and then we ventured into Downtown Disney for the 6pm Cirque du Soleil.  In Orlando they offer the La Nouba.  We had both been waiting for this show during the week, as this was the only event Matt was willing to plan.  We rode the Disney transportation along with some other Solidworks folks and their families.  It is nice to know that the other guys have real lives too.

The show was fantasic. circ The time just flew by.  I wish I had photos to show you but once you enter the building the cameras are shut off.  So here is the approach. 

There were clowns tightrope and trapeze artists, bike stunts, silk artists and so much more.  I think the show stealer’s were these little Chinese girls with the Diabolos – kinda like a top and a string.  But what they could do with those little wooden looking diabolos was amazing.  They all looked so cool too. 

All the costumes were exagurated and colorful.  There were so many different characters that interacted throughout the performance.  If you go expect to be completely engulfed in beauty, wonder and delight.  We both highly recommend it.

lego-dogsAfter the show we wondered through Downtown Disney with dinner at Bongos and visits in a few very crowded shops (recession? what recession? doesn’t seem to be one here).  We even mingled a bit around the LEGO store.

After the Downtwon Disney we made it back to the Dolphin and just wanted to get a little ice cream.  After a few more Solidworks meet and greets. Eventually we made it to the ice cream and called it a night.


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