Disney Day 3


Today was a bit different than the last few, and could not have come at a better time.  I have worn myself down to a nub the last few days.  I met Karen, a very dear friend from high school.  We haven’t seen each other for many many years but have reconnected over on Facebook.  It is so wonderful to have friends that you can immediately reconnect with again and tell all your troubles to.  So we had a lot of catching up to do to get through all the happiness, sadness, joys and triumphs of the last 20 or so years. 


mickeyAfter a very nice lunch at Downtown Disney’s House of Blues, Karen had to go be a great Mom again and I was off to the next adventure.  I decided to stay close and head over to the Hollywood Studios and check out the Rock N Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith.  I took the water taxi for a smooth and different ride under the road and right to the front door.  After circling the park a while, I found the roller coaster I had been seeking.  I was tickled to find a single rider line option again.  In about 3 minutes I found myself in the “briefing rocknroller-coasterroom”.  Aerosmith gets the crowd going and we get the ride started.  The final queuing lines to the ride are dimly lit and much like the dingy inside of a parking garage, make that an old parking garage.  A bit scummy and dingy painted CMU with chain link fencing separations.


Rounding the corner a limoesque coaster car stops in front of the waiting riders.  We all pull down the restraints and off we go.  0 to 60mph really really fast.  It first takes your breathe away then it is into the first big loop.  It is dark and I think I am upside down.  Cool.  More twists turn and drops with only black lit signs marking the way.  Turns, corkscrews and another possible sideways maybe upside down not sure, but it is fun!  I laughed the whole way through it.  Enjoyed it so much I rode again, and again.  I will drag Matt over for that one.



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