Disney Day 2 (Monday)

everest-expIs today Monday?  I have forgotten all sense of time.  🙂 

Today I took advantage of the extra morning hours and got the day going at the Animal Kingdom.  Since two of the most popular rides are in this park, I headed first for the roller coaster – the Expedition Everest.  Once again I took complete advantage of the single rider line and found myself in a seat within 5 minutes.  This ride did not disappoint.  Very Very VERY fast forwards and backwards, steep drops and cold blasts in the dark, and the infamous Yeti.  At times, I wasn’t sure if I was upside down or right side up.  I was even a little dizzy as I exited.  Don’t miss this excellent ride on one of Disney’s newest coasters.

On the way over to the other side of the park I happened upon the Birds of Prey show.  I stopped and glad that I did.  Amazing fly overs by many different birds.  The only complaint about the show was the overly save the world and by recycling message that was a bit much even for a sustainably minded soul like myself.  I would have liked to have known why, not just the message.

I had a big lunch at the Tusker House near the Safari.  It was pricey but I filled up on yummy ethnic fooelephantsds.  I even took a cookie for an afternoon snack.

After lunch I cashed in on my fast pass that I had picked up earlier for the Safari ride.  It was very well done.  You get to go after poachers and see all sorts of unpredictable wild life up close.  I would highly recommend this one as well.  The staging of this ride and the entire Animal Kingdom for that matter is amazing.

coke2Which brings me to a point I have been thinking about since I got here.  At the Animal Kingdom the theme is so well carried out that it is easy to forget that it isn’t real.  The staging and authenticity are accurate and purposeful.  For example, the graffiti ads are for Coke on a place that sells Coke.  The overhead electricelectric lines are crazy and look as if they will fall to the ground any moment.  This is reinforced by blips in the power service (lights) through out the day.  These small touches are all characteristic of good design which I appreciate.

Meanwhile, back at the Swan and Dolphin hotels, the icons decorate both inside and out.  It is not clear to me what Michael Graves was trying to say about either a swan or a dolphin.  Why does the Dolphin have its triangle top and the Swan a curve?  Ok maybe I get the curve and teh graceful swan but a triangle?  Why are the icons only applied and not part of the design.  To me these are no more than iconic gestures.  These are questions that are not clear to me.  The hotels are nice enough but design challenged in my book.


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