Disney Day 1 (Sunday)

epcot1I started out today with breakfast on the Boardwalk and a boat ride to Epcot.  It would have been just as quick to walk but I wanted to conserve my energy and I like the boats.  This put me in the back side of Epcot early this morning and I just followed the small crowd to the Land exhibits. 



The one thing that everyone said was not to miss Soarin, so I grabbed my fast pass ticket first for noonish.  That gave me time to tour the Living with the Land Boat Ride.  It was interesting and nice to be sitting again.  The ride took us through 3 different eco systems and attempted to give sustainable forecasts for the future of these areas. kim-in-greenhouseAnd then afterwards I went of the “behind the seeds” tour.  I thoroughly enjoyed that as well.  Our guide, Steven, was a student intern on loan from Colorado State.  There were many things to see and learn on our hour plus walking tour.  We saw not only hydroponics but airponics too.  There were space saving growing techniques that produce large quantities in small footprints.   Because of the A-frame, 700 of these cabbage plants fit into acabbage-a-frame space normally only suited for 150 plants. Then there were the fish and alligators, bananas and other tropical plants.  If you have an interest in eating grown food or growing food I would recommend this tour.


After the tour it was time for me to take flight on Soarin.  Wow!  It was intense and very cool.  As my friends all said – Do not miss this one.  With the fast pass, my wait time was only about 15 minutes.


I also ate at the restaurant right outside Soarin, called Seasons.  There were lots of choices, reasonable (finally) and relatively quick.  I had a Chicken Caesar Salad that was top notch.


After that I went to the other side of Epcot for the afternoon and rode both Test Track and Mission Space.  Test Track was exhilarating, fast and fun!  Here is what may be the best tip of the day….. use the single rider line for Test Track, even if you are with a small group.  You may not end up sitting together but it won’t matter anyway.  There is too much going on to talk and it goes fast.  It saved me a ton of time.

mission-spaceMission Space was fun as well, I did the green mission.  It is the less intense one.  I might try the orange high intensity if Matt goes back with me.  It was a cool blast off and landing on Mars.

I spent more time in Epcot and could have spent even more.  I am sure I will go back there before the week is over.  After a long boat ride back to the Dolphin I rested in the room feeling a bit whipped. 

I did gather myself and head out to the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks show – Wishes.  That is undoubtedly the best fireworks I have seen, ever.  Just beautiful, magical even.disney-wishes-fireworks


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