Snowy VA to Florida

snowy-vaWe left the snow covered hills of Virginia behind today (Friday).  Passed through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to make it into the much warmer Florida.  The temperature hit a high of 62 degrees in Columbia, SC and we were tempted to take the top down but not yet. 

ga-sunsetOur route is pretty simple, 81 – 77 – 26 (in Columbia) – 95 (to Jacksonville) – 295 – 10 – 310 (ending in Starke, FL).  The sunset was very pretty just outside of Savannah.  This is one of the great things about road trips, just seeing the little moments of different parts of the country.  The ride was pretty typical, mostly smooth and a few idiots on the road.  Matt did his best to leave no evidence.  We did discomatt-driving-me-crazyver (at least I did discover) something on this trip, Matt really enjoys driving and me not so much. 

Matt got the XM and MP3 wired into the Z so it was Bluegrass all the way down- not one commercial all day.  Bluegrass Junction and the all Elvis station are our favorites so far.  Today we may actually get to put it on the Orlando traffic station for a few minutes.

The other great technology we utilized on the trip is the Verizon Navigator.  What a great service!  Navigation/GPS/Trip Info all on Matt’s phone.  This is a great phone app for $10 a month.  No additional piece of hardware.  I won’t say that he never gets lost anymore; however, it has improved Matt’s directional abilities beyond my wildest dreams.


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