Disney Finally

car-washMatt is off schmoozing this evening and I am get acclimated to the surroundings. 

First the getting here.  Today was a very nice day to be in Florida.  Warm sunshine all day.  We left Starke this morning after a quick breakfast and car wash.

We passed through this one little town called Waldo, on Rt. 301 that announced its notoriety as a speed trap town with a billboard at the edge of town.  We respectfully drove the ticketposted 45mph.  Some non-believers quickly saw the light.

Then on to Aunt Melva’s.  We had a great seafood lunch and very nice visit with Matt’s family.

From the Ocala area, we turned on the Verizon Navigator and headed down the Florida toll roads and through the orange groves to Disney.  I am sure that there is a front door to Disney, but we didn’t use it.  We came in a very pecdolphin-entranceuliar way and we very happy to see our first mouse eared road sign.  The Verizon Navigator took us the shortest way and did get us to the property.  The roads in and around Disney are dizzying.  You can see where you want to go but you just can’t get there. 

We turned off the navigator once we got to the Disney property thinking the signs would get us where we wanted to go.  That eventually worked itself out.  At one point we were at the car entrance to Epcot and I explained to the attendant that we were lost and trying to get to the Dolphin.  She said in a very perky voice said “you aren’t lost, you are here”  and then proceeded to give complicated directions that didndolphin-lobby1‘t make much sense.  We left her booth  – two lefts and follow signs…. hey that was a u-turn.  What the….  I still contend that we were lost.

Checking in was seamless.  We got into our room and settled in.  It is a spacious room with a view over the Florida landscape.  Probably a bit peachier than my taste but cheerful and home for the next week.  I will talk more about the iconic architecture of Michael Graves in the days to come.

I ventured over to dolphin-from-boardwalkthe Boardwalk by boat and walked back to the hotel.  The areas are well connected with walkways that keep you engaged in your surroundings.  Easy walking.

Tonight I am resting up and figuring out what to start with tomorrow.  Epcot is looking like the most likely candidate but we will see in the morning.  And as they say here… “Have a Magical Day!”


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