mom-and-meThis morning Mom and I participated in the annual Drumstick Dash.  This is a downtown Roanoke 5K run or walk that benefits the Rescue Mission.  It was a festive crowd of 4,800 despite the brisk morning temperature. 

The route wound its way through downtown Roanoke, Virginia.   We quickly discovered that it was so much warmer in the direct sun verses the shadows of the taller buildings.  Luckily Roanoke doesn’t have too many of those.

The walk part is mostly comprised of families withcamo-dog and without strollers and alot of dogs bring their owners.  I miss having a dog and hope that Matt and I get one soon.  Maybe we will have one by this time next year.  I do get a bit tickled when I see the dogs that look like their owners.



The race was very well organized with clearly defined route markers, enthusiastic volunteers, and friendly fellow walkers.  We met several dogs and even a few owners.  This beautiful yellow lab is Sooner, he and his owner are visiting family in Roanoke for the holidays.  He is a great dog!

The dogs even got their own water break just about half way through the route.  They all seemed very thankful for the opportunity to slurp a bit.  Surprisingly they all seemed to be very well bewatering-doghaved.  Well, most of them anyway, I did hear a few minor distant disputes.

For me this was a great way to start off Thanksgiving.  I didn’t have to feel so guilty for the rest of the day’s meals.  For that, I am truly Thankful!


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