Whoopin’ it up in Beantown

I’m not much for big cities, but I love it here in Boston. There is so much to do in such a small space. This isn’t the best time of year to visit, but it has still been fun. I had forgotten how the wind howls through the buildings, particularly around the Christian Science Center. If it got above freezing here, it wasn’t much.

So what did we do? Wow, we had some nice dinners. Artu, an italian restaurant on Charles St. in Beacon Hill was a terrific little hole in the wall (maybe 8 tables). Nice place, great food. Beacon Hill is the quintessential Boston neighborhood. We ate at Legal Seafoods near the Park Plaza hotel, great food, spotty service. One night we hit a Vietnamese pho restaurant in Chinatown – get the noodle soup rather than the rice soup. Today we went to a kabob place next to Symphony Hall on Huntington Ave. Very reasonably priced food, and we can highly recommend the lamb stew and chicken curry. Last night we were at Quincy Market next to Faneuil Hall and got some clam chowder in a bread bowl, which was far better than the seafood gumbo. Tonight was Penang, a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown, the Penang chicken appetizer was great, duck was good, seafood yam bowl very good. Looks like Thai food, fantastic place, great food, nice environment. Good thing we were there early on Saturday night. The lines formed quickly after we arrived.

The New England Aquarium is a definite recommended spot. We spent several hours just enjoying what they had to offer. They had the largest (and only) Cobia I have ever seen in captivity, not that it’s a big deal, but it was cool.

The best thing they had was the penguin display and the central tank. And of course the jelly fish display.

We saw a lot of nice churches around town, and the Boston Public Library was an unexpected art trove. Amazing how much stuff there is to see in such a small space. The world headquarters of the Christian Science church (not Scientology) has a stained glass globe that you can walk through. Really amazing. In fact, much of the Christian Science church was amazing. It’s one of those things that you really should see if you spend time in Boston.

There was much that we missed, but with the highs in the lower 30s and the winds in the upper 30s, it wasn’t very pleasant weather for walking around.

I skipped over some of the fun things we did. There is no reason to get bored here. It’s a great city.


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