Up until this point in the trip it sleepinghas been mostly work for me.  Matt has actually fit in a little more work than expected but today (Saturday) looks like a play day.  Most everyday this is the last I see of Matt until the evening.  It is amazing he has gotten anything done with his late late wake ups.  I am going to see things today that I haven’t seen before and that always intrigues me.

The conference is over and it was overwhelming great.  I have tons of sustainable information floating around tryipartisiansng to land in my head.  A day or two of not thinking about those things will be good.  One of the days this week I decided to take the T back to our beautiful Hotel in Boston.  The T is a test of ones sense of direction.  I did a little better here than Barcelona.  The new stations like the one near the convention center is modern and efficient with even evocative sculpture outside.  However the old lines are very old lines…. efficient in every way but disgusting filthy.  The smell of creosote burned my nose and everything just looks dingy and old.  It looks like some areas are in the process of renovations but it looks like Boston has waited way too long to start.  It is a great system for getting around and our weekly pass makes me feel a little like a local as I zip by the tourists buying their tickets for each ride.


View from World Trade T station towards Boston Convention Center

Luckily we have done a good bit of walking.  Me during the day at the conference and at night just getting around.  One night we walked through ChinaTown (not as far as I thought), the other it was into Beacon Hill, and last night was basically across downtown.  As always with most any town I visit, by the end of the trip the city gets a little smaller.

One of the questions that Matt and I have been tossing around during this trip is this – “Do the health benefits that come from walking in a city outweigh the pollution that you breathe while walking?”  We are going to have to see if their is any research on this subject.  If you know of any drop me a line or leave a comment here.  Thanks! ~K


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