Boys and Toys

It really cracks me up when I give Matt a completely practical gift and he loves it. Instead of heading off for a mountain or ocean I opted for a pressure washer for the birthday boy.  First thing he said was “WOW I get to put it together!”  Now in my family this statement has been the beginning of many long Christmas days with tattered instructions and trying to bridge the missing part gap.  Usually without so much enthusiasm.  So you can understand my amazement at this comment.  Matt on the other hand was delighted at the prospect of assembly.  I think he was a little disappointed not to have to use a drill or pneumatic hammer for the tooless assembly.  Although a pocket knife did come in handy.

So as you can see from Matt mugging with his new toy, the pressure washer went together and works beautifully.  We were both amazed at just how dirty the concrete was.  The difference is stunning.

By the end of the weekend, Matt’s house was free of mildew, the concrete was sparkling and Matt was pleased with all that he had accomplished.



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