It’s Amazing Race Time again…….

If there was only one show on TV that I could watch, it would have to be The Amazing Race. The new season is starting this Sunday night and I am psyched up!  I have always believed that getting there is sometimes half the fun.  Now that premise is disputable concerning our most recent Barcelona adventure.  We definitely enjoyed the being there more than getting there but had our share of fun along the way.

In case you have never watched or just need a refresher, 11 teams start out and go from place to place through clues and meet obstacles and challenges along the way.  Each week one team will be “the last to arrive and be eliminated from the race.”  It is just delightful to me to see the different places that they go and the adventures that they have.  I can truly say that I am a little sad when it is over every week and can barely wait until the next.

Having looked over the teams for TAR 13, I have to make my winner’s pick of Terence and Sarah.  I think their New York state of mind will give them an upper hand.  That is if they make it past the first week.  The first week is completely luck and there is no good rhyme or reason as to who goes home.

So 8pm tonight you know where to find me, cozied up in front of the TV watching Phil and the teams make it to the first check in.


One thought on “It’s Amazing Race Time again…….

  1. This is so you! I can remember being in DC and not being able to read the map fast enough for you! Glad Matt is on your team!!!! You enjoy the race I am going over to see who wins Project Runway!

    PS Bill Hylton, Steve and I enjoyed the trip info!


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