Coming Home

After one last terrific breakfast and a uneventful taxi ride to the airport, we are on our way home.   We decided to spend the last of our Euros on the taxi instead of trying to exchange them at the airport. 

Breakfast everyday was such a delightful surprise to me.  I didn’t expect much more than croissant and fruit if that.  There were three buffets of foods.  One just of fruits -every morning kiwis, ( I can’t wait to share with everyone how they cut and eat their kiwis)pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon and strange things I had not seen but were great.  Then cheeses, brie, bogrus (?), and many different hard cheeses.  Many different sliced meats – turkey, smoked turkey, fish, ham, dried hams and salamis.  Also salad – it seems Europeans eat some salad for breakfast.  They  had hot dishes with potatoes, sauteed vegetables, bacon and scrambled eggs.  And then there was one last buffet of cereal and pastries.  yum!  As I am waking up in Salem this morning I am wondering were it is.  Oh,  back to reality.

Taking off from BCN we were treated to a slightly cloudy but stunning view of the shoreline of Barcelona.  We could easily pick out our hotel and some of the sights we had been exploring.  Barcelona is a beautiful city.

The plane ride home during the daylight was much nicer than the overnight flight over there.  Even though we lost an entire day and stayed up way way past our normal waking hours, it seemed easier to me.  The movie and most of the video system was not working properly on the plane.  We were able to watch the plane’s progress and play games.  Trivial contest between the passengers was fun but simply became addictive after about five hours.  By the 7th hours or so Matt and I were plotting way to go distract the guy in 32B as he was winning most every round.  

Customs went smooth, despite Matt’s perpetual guilty look.  I had picked up a few things in the Barcelona airport that were more than 3 oz. of liquids so I had to open up the checked luggage and  repack it.  Then we had a three hour wait.  That is when the serious jet lag hit us both.  However tired we were, it was nice to hear English again, understand every word that was spoken to us and use dollars.  Here is Matt doing his best impression of Dali or just trying to stay awake, you decide.

He did put a nice post up about his views of the architecture on his Matt Writes blog

After a short flight back to Roanoke, which we were told had people gasping in the back because it was so turbulent.  We both slept mostly through it.  We were happy to see our luggage (with nothing dripping out of it) and our chauffeurs.  Mom and Fish came to pick us up.

Today is about acclimating and getting back to the real world.  I am so happy to have had this experience and once again see other people and know that we are similar.  From the tourist bus on the first day of traveling, I noticed a local woman walking that was particularly tall and leggy.  At the same moment the two British ladies behind me noticed her as well.  Their comment to each other was “she has legs up to her armpits”.  While I have heard the phase a little differently back home, it is still the same.  I turned around and we all had a good laugh.

It is good to be home. ~K


2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Thanks and you’re welcome Devon – It was a real pleasure to meet you and have you join us on the tours. I always enjoy converting another engineer type over to architecture. If you want any of those pictures in a higher pixel just let me know.

    Glad you enjoyed it. See you in Orlando!


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