Barcelona – Day Five, Saturday

Day Five, Matt was back on the tourist track. We first ventured on the metro to Casa Mila aka Casa Pedrera.  Once again I got disoriented coming out of one of the metros many stops and Matt was able to get us in the right direction. 
As we meandered a bit we stumbled across a Dali exhibit which again displayed the ongoing theme of pulpo.  Our getting a little lost just reinforces my belief that all things happen for reasons, some are more evident than others.  Eventually we made our way to Casa Mila for a once in a lifetime tour of another Gaudi building.  It was simpler than the previous Casa Batllo and more commercial.  The courtyards, curving facade and roof scape gave the building its personality.  We have great pictures from the roof top.  Most all the other landmarks can easily be seen from this vantage point.  Behind us in this picture (that a slightly confused but nice German tourist took for us) you can see the Torres AGBAR and Sagrada Familia.   You can also see my wild Barcelona hair by this point.  I think I am relaxed here.  Wouldn’t you agree?
After Casa Mila we decided to walk to the the Gothic Cathedral but first wanted to get lunch on the way.  Lunch at 2:30!  We got on a side street to avoid the crowds and found a nice cafe that had a clean bathroom and was good.  We had marvelous calamari and Matt ended up with carpachio – raw thinly sliced beef.  That was the only thing I wouldn’t try the whole trip.  Pulpo yes, raw meat no.
After lunch a few more blocks and we entered the Barri Gothic.  Here the streets are medieval meaning they don’t follow a grid and get very random.  It is easy to get lost at this point but we managed somehow to stumble into the cathedral.  It too is unfinished.  Perhaps the churches should charge more money for entrance to get more construction completed.  Both of the Gaudi residence buildings Batllo & Mila had hefty admission fees are were both restored beautifully.
After a nice and somewhat uninformed walk through the cathedral we stopped for Gelato and headed to Las Ramblas.  This is a wide center walk with lots of street vendors and mime type performers.  The toilet guy was the best in my opinion and he seemed to be making the most coin.  I found a nice pair of glass earrings for my one and only purchase on the trip.  We then found ourselves at the very south end of Las Ramblas and decided that a nice slow walk to the hotel was doable. 
Back at the hotel Matt and I were exhausted with feet on fire.  We decided that we hadn’t done everything we wanted but made a heck of a dent in Barcelona.  We decided that was it for us.  We were both ready to come home.  So we had and easy evening of it.  I walked to my favorite cafe for a wonderful mixed salad with tuna, avacado and feta and Matt had a piece of pizza with sweet ham and mushrooms.  Nothing extravaggant but just right.  ~K

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