Barcelona – Day Four, Friday

Matt spent the morning and early afternoon attending a SolidWorks training session.  I ventured up one of the nicest streets I have been on for a solitude walk to Parc Ciutadella.  I walked up the back side with no entrance, but I could hear the birds and other animals just on the other side of the wall in the zoo. 

As I ventured along the walk I came upon a most unique buidling. This one is a bit out there.  I tried to understand what the red fins were trying to represent.  I couldn’t figure it out.  The only connection I could make was the rough edge of the demolished building.  Perhaps the fins were emulating that edge?  Not sure but it seemed to be a building that attracted alot of attention.  Other more professional photographers were stopping by to photograph the same.

Eventually I reached the northern most gates of Parc Ciutadella.  What a great place!  Beautiful walks with lush vegetation, fountains, statues, a lake with row boats and some very strange people.  This group of young people were doing some sort of martial arts exercise to a tambourine.  It was bizarre and most stopped to watch.

Once Matt got finished with his Solidwork’s training session, we decided this would be a great afternoon to go to the aquarium.  It was suppose to be Europe’s largest, so we had high hopes.  Devon joined us for this event.  He was having a rough time of the afternoon.  He lost his reading glasses and left his SD card out of his camera.  Through it all he remained positive and we all had a good time.  We enjoyed having him along.  Back to the “Europe’s largest aquarium….. if that is true I wouldn’t want to see any others.  Having been to a few, this was not on our top ten list.  Although we made the best of it and we learned and saw new things, it wasn’t the cleanest, coolest or nicest aquarium we have visited.  The highlight was teh long moving tunnel.  Sting rays, sharks and other bizarre fish swam around us and overhead.  We finally get the answer to our burning question… pulp of what?  pulpo is octopus.  Now we know and that alone was worth the price of admission.

After the aquarium, we decided to hit up our favorite gelato stop and walk leisurley through the barconetta neighborhood.  Here the guy is spading out bitter chocolate and mora (blackberry) for me.

I had walked a blister on my toe and needed to stop at the pharmacia for more band-aids.   Turns out band-aides don’t translate so well, but the very nice young sales clerk talked me through.  she knew no English and I was limited on my Spanish.  Eventually I just took off my shoe and sock (always a good idea to use graphical representations if possible) and we got right to it.  Pretty much like a band-aid just a different name.

After sunset Matt and I tried again to see this one modern building called Torres AGBAR.  It is shaped like a crystal egg and lights up at night on Fri – Sun.  We tried earlier in the week and it wasn’t lit, but it was tonight.  We struggled to get this picture from a distance.  Once again we finished the day on tired feet and had absolutely no trouble sleeping in our hotel room.  ~K

Day Four’s Pictures


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