Barcelona – Day One and a Half?

Monday and Tuesday seem like one big blur.  After we arrived at the hotel on Tuesday around noon, we ventured out to the beach which is a block away from our hotel.  It has a wonderful public walk/boardwalk and nice wide beaches with lots of amenities for the locals and tourists to enjoy – workout areas, sculpture, benches…  And yes some of the locals are topless. 

We ventured down the beach into a neighborhood called Barconeta.  It is a quaint very friendly, somewhat touristy, seafood hub.  We found a quite open air restaurant in the Plaza de Barconeta.  It was a calming tapias meal of seafood.  We let the waiter give us his recommendations and one of the dishes he suggested he could only translate as “pulp”.  Matt tried to understand pulp of what? to no avail.  What discovered was “pulp” was actually very spicey Octopus.  After the intial shock, it was good and we finished with a new appreciation for translations.

We then ventured on the local streets back  to our hotel.  We both crashed.  The plane ride and salt air zonked us.  So a short nap turned into 3 hours and we felt like venturing out again.  This time we stayed on the main street instead of the beach and went up to Port Vell.  There were tall ships and a wooden submarine (I will get a picture later).  And then back to the other end of Barconeta were we found one of my favorites – Gelato.  It is spelled differently, but I can’t remember at the moment.  It was great!  We quickly found ourselves back in the same little plaza we ate in earlier in the day, so we took a similar route home through the neighborhood.  Stopping to pick up a bottle of water for the room.  ~K


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