Day One

Yea! finally the day is here to begin.  Up at my usual time this morning to mow the grass.  Now it is off for a few last minute errands before our 4:30 departure.  We connect through Atlanta and depart there at 8pm tonight for a Barcelona arrival of 11:30am on Tuesday.  For a point of reference Barcelona is 6 hours ahead of Virginia.

We had a seamless connection through ATL with a very good burrito for dinner.  Little did we know that we had a second dinner waiting for us on the plane.  This one was better.

 Checking in at the gate it was noticed by some official that I hadn’t signed my passport.  Did you know that your passport isn’t legal until you sign it.  I do now.  So I signed it and the guy was happy and let me on the plane.

The plane was typical – full, big and tight for space.  The good news was that we were very near the exit and the bathroom on almost the last isle.  Flying through the night neither Matt or I slept.  We did watch the latest Indian Jones movie and tracked our progress for trip.

Overall the flight was good although it took an hour of walking to gain the feeling in my left leg.  It was a bit cramped, hopefully that memory will fade quickly as I expect about the same on the return flight home.

As we flew into dawn the ocean disappeared and a beautiful Spain with the Pyrenees Mountain Range appeared.  The scenery was spectacular and even put a smile on Matt’s anti-morning face.

As we mercifully disembarked, one of the other guys here for the press event noticed Matt and said hello.  He was nice enough to have us join him in his taxi for a much quicker ride to  the hotel.  Thanks Mark.  For the brief time that I maneuvered the suitcase it did beautifully.  I am very happy with my choice.

So we made it to our hotel in fine fashion. It was a surprisingly calm taxi ride only inches from very large trucks.  I must have been exhausted I dont’ think I flinched once.  More to come. 


PS for all of our pictures….


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