Endless Possibilities

Looking at my new empty suitcase, I am determined to pack the right things ONLY.  I want to carefully select the pieces of clothing that will serve me the best and get me back home fresh.    Matt was a little bewildered that I planned on taking 3 pairs of shoes.  I didn’t think that was many at all.  

I am excited to test out the new luggage.  I got one that spinners not just rolls behind.  It can be pushed in any direction on its four wheels.  Great design!  I was so impressed with one of my coworkers when traveling this past year through Atlanta.  Here I was fumbling my wheeled luggage, while he gracefully glided his spinner luggage and still managed to help me with mine.  I was intrigued with his effortless momentum and ease.  I had to get something similar.  Since Matt and I have agreed that we are going to venture from the Barcelona Airport to the hotel on the metro, I think the spinner will be fully tested.  I will let you know how it does or at least how I handle it.  I am sure I still have the potential to end up looking like Quasimodo.

Looking at the weather for Barcelona, it looks like we will be hitting a rainy patch, but with temperatures much like it is here in Salem.  Surprisingly, Barcelona is on a similar latitude to Virginia.

Picked up a book I have wanted to read for a long time, from my Mom’s stash – Marley & Me.  It should help with the 9 hour plane ride.  It looks like a nice easy read about one of my favorite subjects, dogs.

Tonight is all about putting the outfits together and getting organized.  Matt is hopefully finishing up the last of the author edits for his latest book and trying to get that behind him before we go.  Once that is done he promises to make a return to the blog so you can get a different perspective on our travels.  Also, so I don’t scratch through his name at the top of the screen.  Kim’s & Matt’sWeblog?  hmmmm… just kidding.  ~K


One thought on “Endless Possibilities

  1. Kim

    I enjoyed your visit this morning. Hope you have a great time. Please send me your schedule. I will track the flights.



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