Warm up the Walking Shoes

One of the first questions that Matt asked me about tagging along on the trip to Barcelona was – “what will you do when I have to work?”  hmmm….. let’s see, a vibrant, beautiful, historically and architecturally rich city?….. I think I will be just fine. 

I expect most of my days to be filled with walking, walking and lots more walking.  So when one of my best friends asked me to start walking with her a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance to get a little warmed up.  Let me tell you she isn’t cutting me any slack.   The first night out was downtown Salem around the back of Roanoke College and down to the duck pond and back.  A full hour and fifteen minutes.   We have only just started but I can feel a real difference.

A co-worker recommended a really cool site for tracking our walks.  For anyone that runs, walks, bikes or crawls, this is a nifty way to keep track of all those miles.  Keep a log, make maps, calculate mileage or calories and the best part…. it’s free.  Here is the walk that Lisa and I took tonight.

Sherwood Loop 2

I have already started to keep a training log – imagine me a training log…. anything is possible.  ~K


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