Dzgnstf vs CAD Geek

For a few years I had aspired to getting a little convertible sports car. I did all the research on Edmunds and other car sites, and figured that since a Lotus Elise was probably a bit too spartan for every day driving and top-down trips to Florida, I would have to “settle” for a Nissan 350Z. The Z had to be Daytona Blue with a tan interior, and I wanted a 2006 or later for the additional horsepower (300 instead of 287) and the stereo controls on the steering wheel. It also had to be a standard transmission because anything else seemed a little too civilized.

One day it showed up, in a 2005 model, but reasonably priced. I was out of excuses. I had to have it.

Great car. We had considered the Solstice, Miata, S2000, Boxter, Z3, and M3 but for some reason, Kim didn’t like any of those. The Z had great horsepower unlike the Miata, a reasonable trunk unlike the Solstice, good reliability unlike anything except the Miata and S2000, and was reasonably priced, unlike the Porsche or BMWs. We have done several road trips in it now, including Snowshoe, Florida, and North Carolina.

One of Kim’s co-workers was taunted by this, and had to have his own Z. Brian got a LeMans Sunset (orange) hardtop, which I also like a lot. His was a 2006, but in automatic. His upgrade rims are a very nice touch. Brian is a CAD wizard at Kim’s architectural firm in Roanoke with AutoCAD, Revit, 3dsmax, and possibly others. Brian’s plate is CAD GEEK, and ours is DZGNSTF. My company name is Dezignstuff, even though Kim’s co-workers think that its because as an architect she “designs stuff”. It was just convenient that deZignstuff has a big Z in it just like the car.

And so Kim had to drive to work one day and get some together pictures…


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