Rain …. finally

Everyone is effected differently by the rain or lack of it.  I for one love the rain, the sound it makes, the coolness it brings and yes even the dark skies.  One of the things that Matt and I completely agree on is the effects of rain.  He even starts to get a little antsy, if he goes too long without seeing any.  I think it comes from his days in California.

So the last few days we have gotten so much good solid rain.  The plants are happy again.  I wish I could say I had a good growing summer.  Other than my zinnias and sunflowers, it wasn’t much to talk about.  But there is always the eucalyptus.  It is time to harvest, some so if you are in Salem stop by and get a bunch. 

This past week the electrical department at work held its annual tomato day feast.  This is unquestionably one of the best work gatherings all year.  Everyone brings in their bounty from the summer.  The stars of the show are the fabulous tomatoes.  From me they got Mom’s fabulous tomatoes this year.  She graciously donated some Mr. Stripeys, a green zebra and some other nameless beauties.  BLTs never tasted so good! 

My next project is to complete the rain barrel I have acquired.  The barrel was donated to me and now it is my job to make it work as an actual rain barrel.  I am trying to figure out a graceful way to cut a hole in it so i can mount the fittings for the spigot.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.

And this last thought about rain….. one of my coworkers was talking about her little girl today and how she loves to put on her crocs and jump in the rain puddles.  She has the best time stomping puddles.  I think the next time it rains I will give in to a little childhood temptation.  ~K


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