New Camera

Once Matt & I figured out that if he was going to be “press” during the days in Barcelona while I was going to be touring, sharing his camera was going to be a problem.  So for my birthday he gave me a new Kodak EasyShare Z1285.  I have been getting used to it and really love it.  It takes amazing pictures in all kinds of conditions and is super simple to use. 

The camera boasts an impressive 12 mega pixels, which is great for super close ups and edits that I so often do.  It will be very useful for my bead pictures.  Hopefully it will take those to the next level that they deserve. Here is an untouched shot of a butterfly from a recent trip to Monticello

With a 2Gig SD card it will hold a tremendous amount of photos – 500 – 750.  And that is at the high 12 MP setting.  Definitely more things than I can see in one day.  And there is also video.  I wouldn’t think that I would want to use that feature but as I am getting use to it, it is more and more useful.  I can’t wait to show you the streets of Barcelona!

It even has a feature that will counteract the effects of either a shaking photographer or a shaking subject.   And from the looks of the photos that Matt usually is known for this is one that will benefit him as well.

While I continue to snap anyone and everyone who will stand still long enough, I hope to master this camera by the time our trip gets here.  I can whole heartily recommend this camera for its compact size, easy of use and superior quality for a small pocket camera.  ~K


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