The Next Big Adventure

Matt & I blast off for our much anticipated trip to Barcelona, Spain next month.  As usual our styles of “preparing” for the trip differ.  I am the ultimate planner and research maps, routes, tours, museums and the city in general thoroughly.  While I don’t always have a strict itinerary, I do like to see popular crowded sights at the best possible time to avoid those crowds.  I like to know what I am doing.  Matt on the other hand can strap on his Keens and head out the door without a second thought.  This usually leads to interesting discussions about personal needs.

So I have my favorite pop up style map, an eyewitness travel book just for Barcelona and a cool 50 walks through Barcelona flashcard type system.  So far, I know where our hotel is located along with my known destinations – the Gaudi buildings and sites, the aquarium.  Matt suggested a pocket language/phrase guide to keep me out of trouble.  Donde esta el bano?  …. seems to be the most important one to me.  I am not too worried since Barcelona is a tourist town.

The purpose of our trip is for Matt’s work.  As a solidworks blogger, he is considered part of the press and will be working 3 days while I get in some quality architectural touring time.  We are stretching out the trip to include some down time for Matt before and after his work as well.

As I am collecting helpful travel tips please feel free to chime in.  Matt and I will be posting more in the days ahead. ~K


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